Advocacy and Legal Representation

 Why Parents Choose Me To Advocate For Their Children.

I have been advocating for special needs students for the past 24 years. I bring the unique experience of having been employed in the public school system as a teacher, principal, and director of special education. When I retired in 1993, I decided that I was going to advocate for special needs children. I realized that there were so many helpless and desperate parents who were unsure how to access the proper services and support for their children. They were unaware and uneducated about the special education system and its very complicated inner workings. I knew that my experience in the public school system would enable me to provide a unique opportunity to advocate for families. 

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I am a New Jersey Certified Reading Specialist.

I am a Certified Orton- Gillingham Practioner.

Of all reading programs, Orton–Gillingham has the most research to support its approach.” read more

A good starting point from which to begin your journey into the world of special education. Here you will find information about identification, laws, assessments, interventions and specialized academic support services. As you begin to understand the process you will feel more comfortable attending meetings in advocating for your child.

After an IEP Meeting Have You Ever Left Your School Wondering.

What just happened?  What did I sign?
Is my child getting the best possible services?
Am I asking the right questions? Does this plan really meet my child's needs?

Parents Are Natural Advocates For Their Children.

Who is your child’s first teacher? You are. Who is your child’s most important role model? You are. Who is responsible for your child’s welfare? You are. Who has your child’s best interests at heart? You do.

You know your child better than anyone else. The school is involved with your child for a few years. You are involved with your child for life. You should play an active role in planning your child’s education.

The law gives you the power to make educational decisions for your child. Do not be afraid to use your power. Use it wisely. A good education is the most important gift you can give to your child.

As the parent of a child with a disability, you have one goal.

To ensure that the school provides your child with a “free appropriate public education” that includes “specially designed instruction . . . to meet the [child’s] unique needs . . .” (20 U.S.C. §1401)

Beware of The Gatekeeper.


"GATEKEEPERS"  This can be a teacher, therapist, service provider, or an administrator, really anyone who completely overreacts whenever their opinions, responsibilities, recommendations, or expertise are questioned or challenged by the parent or advocate. These are the people who believe that they know it all. Therefore, if a parent implies, or states outright, that their child's special education needs are not being met, they cannot handle it. If you have come to this website I am sure that you have experienced these different personalities. These personalities make unilateral decisions, predetermine services, programs, and placements. They claim to know everything about special education law but the reality is that they often times don't now. They will draw lines in the sand, refuse to budge, and totally discount parents concerns.


Special Ed Law & Advocacy:

What laws protect your child?

 Federal Guide 

 New Jersey Parent Guide

We Can Provide Legal Representation

My practice as an advocate is unique in that should we have to proceed to due process, my associates who are experienced special education attorneys, will work hand-in-hand with me to proceed with the due process. At Levine Associates, our work ranges from consultation, such as advice and strategy with regard to a child's Individualized Education Program (IEP), through dispute resolution. We are skilled at negotiation and mediation. We provide zealous advocacy as well as legal representation in administrative hearings before the Office of Administrative Law. We are experienced in state and federal court litigation. We are familiar with the broad range of issues that arise, from the determination of a child's eligibility for special education to obtaining an appropriate in district program, to securing public funding for a private school placement. We represent students with all types of disabilities. At the core of our advocacy, is my commitment to making the law's promise of free appropriate public education (FAPE ) a reality.