I am a New Jersey Certified Reading Specialist

I have been advocating for special needs students for the past 24 years. I bring the unique experience of having been employed in the public school system as a teacher, principal, and director of special education. When I retired in 1993, I decided that I was going to advocate for special needs children. I realized that there were so many helpless and desperate parents who were unsure how to access the proper services and support for their children. They were unaware and uneducated about the special education system and its very complicated inner workings. I knew that my experience in the public school system would enable me to provide a unique opportunity to advocate for families.

I am a Certified Orton-Gillingham Practitioner

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A good starting point from which to begin your journey into the world of special education. Here you will find information about identification, laws, assessments, interventions and specialized academic support services. As you begin to understand the process you will feel more comfortable attending meetings in advocating for your child.